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The older brother
the younger brother
the father
the mother
what liscense plate number appears during the beginning seasons
what other liscense plate number appears at times
who writes the supernatural books in the show
who tortured Dean in hell
what does sam become addicted to
what color is Dean's car
what color was Sam's rental car in 'long distance call'
what was the name of the kid whom Dean thought was his son
where was Sam transported to in 'All hell breaks loose part 1'
what did Dean do to the cupid in 'my bloody valentine'
who said the following: 'my daddy shot your daddy in the head'
Dean did what to bring Sam back from the dead
what is the name of the yellow eyed demon
what future year was Dean sent to by an angel
when was the original colt built
Dean and Sam fill their shotgun shells with what
what cursed item was stolen from John's storage unit
what did Dean and Sam get tattooed to protect them from possessions
what was the name of the virgin in 'jus in bello'
what virus is Sam immune to
What angel wants to kill sam
who is michael's true vessel
on what weekday was Dean dying in 'mystery spot'
what episode was the trickster first encountered in
what supernatural creature was featured in 'Heart'
who got Dean's car towed away
what did Sam step on in 'bad day at black rock'
what oversized creature attempted suicide in 'wishful thinking?
who plays the character of Sam
who plays the character of Dean
who are Dean and sam's advisor and best friend
what does Dean scream at in 'yellow fever'
what creature impersonates children and feeds on their mom
what was the last episode of season 1
what was the last seal
what demon pretends to help Sam but betrays him instead
what episode was Paris Hilton in
what was the nickname of the big prisoner in Folsom prison blues that Dean picks a fight with
name the phenomenon when a spirit replays its death over and over again
what does Dean pretend to be in 'After school special'
what STD was Sam doing a commercial for in 'changing channels'
finish the quote: 'its not food anymore Dean...
how old was Sam when Azazel fed him demon blood
what creature was featured in 'faith'
how do you kill a vampire
what magician's name is featured in an episode title
what song did Sam and Dean try to sing in 'A very supernatural christmas'
According to Dean, what did Sam collect in the episode 'Playthings'
what do people always assume Dean and Sam are
Name the episode: 'dude could you be more gay?...dont answer that'
what did the aliens make a college student do in 'tall tales'
what does Dean put in Sam's underwear in 'hell house'
what phone number is investigated in 'long distance call'
what male detective is constantly trying to capture Sam and Dean
what did Bella steal from Dean at the end of 'Bad day at black rock'
In 'swap meat', Dean substituted the last line of the exorcism with what phrase
what accessory do the 4 horsemen wear
according to Dean, what does Sam eat that makes him get 'toxic!'
in what episode did Sam try to draw the picture of the suspect when he posed as an artist for the victim in the hospital
what porn site did Sam's computer get frozen on in 'hell house'
what mode of transportation is Dean afraid of
what did Dean yell when his car got egged on Halloween
The symbol that banishes angels must be drawn in what
in 'My bloody valentine', what US state did Dean suggest Castiel zap Sam to in order to keep him away from demon blood
what did Dean do to Jo before she sacrificed herself to the hellhounds
what accessory did Sam install in Dean's car that irked him
In 'Pilot', what did Sam say his dad gave him to kill the monsters in his room with
what was the name of the female psychic that tried to save Sam from being killed
what is Bobby's last name
name the episode: 'you fudgin' touch me again, i'll fudgin kill you'
in 'mystery Spot' what special did Dean order for breakfast
in 'crossroad blues', what do the victims see before they die
what epidsode was Dean sent to hell after his year was up
who are the magnificent seven
how do you kill a vengeful spirit
in 'swap meat' what was Sam allergic to when he was in the teen's body
in 'wishful thinking', what was the name of the girl who wished for a supersized toy
when Sam was possesed in 'born under a bad sign', what type of people was he killing
before he started hunting, what was Sam aspiring to become
in 'what is and what should never be', what chore does Dean claim he loves to do
how was Ellen and jo's friend, Ash, killed
according to Sam, in 'Playthings' the old lady in the attic apparently suffered a what
what did Dean pretend to be in 'hollywood babylon'
what did Sam use to kill the crossroad demon
when Dean came back from hell, he claimed that he was what in reference to his sexuality
lilith first appeared in the body of a what
what is a cupid's official ''hello'
Sam and Dean's garden of Eden is actually what
in 'the monster at the end of this book', what design was on the bandaid that the little girl put on Dean
who let Sam out of the panic room in ' when the levee breaks'
what creature do Dean and Sam fight in 'something wicked'
what angel do Dean and Sam look for in 'the dark side of the moon'
what foreign language does Bobby speak in 'yellow fever'
what was Sam's lover name in 'Heart'
what was Dean's last name in 'its a terrible life'
what was Sam's last name in 'its a terrible life
what actor plays young sam
what fairy tale did Dean see the porno version of
in 'melleus maleficarum' what animal does Dean 'feel bad' for
whats the name of the flight in 'phantom traveler'
what do the brothers fight in 'everybody loves a clown'
what was the name of the wh*re in '99 problems'
what creature sent Dean to an alternate reality in 'what is and what should never be'
who became blind after trying to speak with Castiel
According to Castiel, who is the funniest angel
how do they kill a ghoul
Who created the Colt
Before Ruby was a demon, she was a
What country is Crowley originally from
What is the name of the demon child in season 5
Who is the owner of the giant teddy in 'wishful thinking'
What must a leprechaun/fairy count when spilled
What horseman dines with Jensen
What is Dean's last line in 'nightshifer'
What popoular movie/book series was made fun of in season 6
what did Castiel find that Sam was missing
What does Crowley apparently have a bigger one of
What college friend introduced Sam to Jessica
What was Sam's LSAT score
What place Crowley searching for
What does a crocotta say to lure people
What god did Gabriel have a crush on
According to Dean, what does Sam keep on the table by his bed
What is the boys name that acquired super strength in 'wishful thinking'
Where did Bela shoot Sam in Bad Day At Black Rock
What did Bela take from Gordon in exchange for Sam and Deans whereabouts
What famous heir was featured in season 5
What holiday did Sam refuse to celebrate in season 3
What figurine did Mary place over Dean's crib in 'the song remains the same'
Who did Sam kill by slicing its head off with barbed wire
what language did Sam speak in Fallen idols
What type of pet did Sam acquire when he ran away from Dean and John
what was Dean's 1st memory in 'Dark side of the moon'
What part of Sam's body does Pamela smack in Season 5
what creatures live in purgatory?
what hospital are dean and sam taken to at the end of 'hello cruel world'?
what was the name of the Kitsune that Sam befriended as a child and eventually caught up with in 'the girl next door'?
what is the name of the god putting people on trial in 'defending your life'?
what temporarily harms the leviathans?
what actor plays Garth?
What year does dean end up in in 'time after time'
who is the greek god of time?
Who helps sam and dean in gathering information about Dick Romey after Bobby dies?
What is the name of the hacker in 'the girl with the dugeons and dragons tattoo'?
who is the celestial scribe?
What item must dean or sam carry with them in order for bobby to follow them as a ghost?

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