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Can you name the can you name old school tv shows and cartoons?

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descriptiontitleextra info
Talking babiescartoon
football headcartoon
talking monsterscartoon
green claycartoon
wallaby and a dogcartoon
a chihuahua and a catcartoon
a genius mouse with planscartoon
genius toddler with ditzy older sistercartoon
stuck together for lifecartoon
a big dog and a little dogcartoon
porkchop, skeeter valentine,etccartoon
life with loopy, snizz and fondue,etccartoon
descriptiontitleextra info
born and raised in philadelhiastill running, comic sitcom
an african american cop plague by his troublesome next door neighborstill running
who loves orange soda?
teenage girl who solves mysteries in her spare time
story telling by a campfiresitcom
disturbed teenage girl sent to love with her cousin on a farmsitcom
the fonzsitcom
two brothers with the same namesitcom
lead played by fred savagesitcom
a man cursed and turned into a dogsitcom
the Bunkersstill running;sitcom
a troublesome redhead still runs sometimes

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