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What is Cliff's full name?Easy
'How many kids do the Huxtable's have?Easy
What is clair's profession?Easy
What is Sondra's husband first name?Easy
What borough do the Huxtables live in?Easy
What is Cliff's profession?Easy
What is Rudy's chubby friend's name?Easy
Where does Sondra meet Elvin?Easy
What is Denise's husband first name?Easy
What pet does Vanessa constantly ask for?Easy
What college does everyone want Denise to attend?Easy
What famous singer crashes into Denise and Theo's car?Easy
What actress plays Olivia Kendall?Medium
What is Clair's maiden name?Medium
Vanessa got engaged to a ...Medium
What continent did Denise meet her husband?Medium
What subject does Theo hate the most?Medium
finish the line: 'I am your father. I brought you in this world and i'll...Medium
What condiment were Rudy and Peter trying to make in the juicer?Medium
What day do Cliff and Clair look forward to the mostMedium
What is Clair always nagging Cliff about?Medium
What did Sondra name her twins?Medium
What cousin visits the Huxtable for a couple of months?Medium
What College does Sondra attend?Medium
What color was the water in Elvin and Sondra's 1st apartment?Medium
What instrument does Vanessa attempt to play?Medium
What was Rudy going through while her teacher was teaching punctuation?Medium
What house rule did Cliff & Clair change for Rudy?Medium
What questionable item was found in Theo's textbook?Medium
What was the basement turned into at halloween?Medium
what animal was found in the basement?Medium
What name did Rudy give to the dog she found?Hard
What is Bud's real name?Hard
What disability is Theo diagnosed with?Hard
What is Pam's best girlfriend's name?Hard
What is Cockroach's real name?Hard
Sondra and Elvin gave up their studies to open up what?Hard
What ailment stops Olivia from performing at her grandparent's anniversay?Hard
What is Cliff's alma mater?Hard
What kind of burger is Cliff famous for making on the grill?Hard
What food exploded in Elvin and Sondra's 1st apartment?Hard
What is Rudy's middle name?Hard
What does Theo donate to the rec center?Hard
What was the name of Rudy's fish?Hard
What does Clair and her fitness instructor fight over?Hard
Where does Theo go for an educational trip?Hard
When Theo was young, what did he aspire to become?Hard
What type of food does cliff try to sabotage Clairs diet with?Hard
What type of animals did Rudy and kenny adopt?Hard
What name was Rudy called on her first day of kindergarten by a bully?Hard

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