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Last name of sisters
Name of Pipers's husband
Name of Piper's first born [full name]
Name of half sister [full name]
Town where the sister's live
Full Name of Phoebe's demonic lover
Name of the charmed symbol
name of the sister's mom
What is gram's name
Name of the spell book
the sisters are known for having the power of
Name of pipers second son
what is the full name of the cat
What was the name of Prue's cop lover
What entity resides in the basement
What animal was prue turned into in season 1
what is paige's dad name?
what is the name of the demon that preys on fear?
what is cole's demonic name
what is prue's ability?
what is the first power Phoebe had
What goddess was Paige turned into
Paige is half witch and half what
Chris is half whitelighter and half what
Phoebe was turned into what sea loving mammal
name of witch that is the origin of the halliwell sisters
how do whitelighters travel
what is the name of pipers club
Piper was afraid to go into what kind of public institution
in what war did leo fight in
Which of the deadly sins was Prue infected with
what animal did wyatt conjour from his TV
Leslie was played by which actor?
Which whitelighter betrayed the sisters?
what is a whitelighter's biggest enemy
name of whitelighter that took over Leo's job in the earlier seasons
where was phoebe when she saw a prisoner's ghost escape
what demon killed prue
who was giving phoebe tonic when she was pregnant
what was the halliwell manor turned into in the far future
name the restaurant the piper worked in

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