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This Bruce Springsteen song is not a patriotic anthem but a tale of a Vietnam vet whose American citizenship entitles him to nothing but further misery in his blighted hometown.Born in the U.S.A.
Whitney Houston's cover of this Dolly Parton song about a departing lover is very popular at weddings despite lines such as ''We both know I'm not what you need.''I Will Always Love You
This Police song is not as romantic as many think, given that it is about a sinister, obsessive stalker.Every Breath You Take
This Beatles song is not a call to arms but a statement against the use of violence to bring about change.Revolution
This Bruce Springsteen song is not a celebration of great times, but a meditation on how good times very quickly disappear forever.Glory Days
This R.E.M. song has been a popular radio dedication for decades, even though anyone who requests it is calling his or her sweetheart ''a simple prop to occupy my time.''The One I Love
This frequently covered Percy Sledge song is not a celebration of devotion, but a tale of how devotion has blinded the singer to how his paramour has ''played him for a fool.''When a Man Loves a Woman
This John Cougar Mellencamp song is not an ode to the charms of the American heartland, but a portrait of economic inequality that decries upward mobility as a myth.Pink Houses
This Iggy Pop song has been used to advertise everything from Caribbean cruises to a Rugrats movie, despite W.S. Burroughs-inspired lyrics about liquor, drugs, and flesh machines.Lust for Life
This seemingly optimistic Timbuk3 song became popular at graduations, despite being a caustic tale of a blithe yuppie who helps bring about armageddon in exchange for beer money.The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

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