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Can you name the fifty top grossing spy movies in the U.S.A.?

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Year ActorMovieBox Office Total $Millions
2007 Matt Damon
2000 Tom Cruise
2002 Mike Myers
1999 Mike Myers
1996 Tom Cruise
2004 Matt Damon
2008 Daniel Craig
2006 Daniel Craig
2002 Pierce Brosnan
1994 Arnold Schwarzenegger
2002 Vin Diesel
2006 Tom Cruise
2008 Steve Carell
1999 Pierce Brosnan
2000 Drew Barrymore
1997 Pierce Brosnan
1994 Harrison Ford
1990 Alec Baldwin
2002 Matt Damon
2002 Ben Affleck
2001 Antonio Banderas
1995 Pierce Brosnan
2001 Jeff Goldblum
2002 Antonio Banderas
1992 Harrison Ford
Year ActorMovieBox Office Total $Millions
1983 Roger Moore
2001 Robert Redford
1997 Val Kilmer
1985 Dan Aykroyd
2006 Matt Damon
1983 Sean Connery
1981 Roger Moore
1997 Mike Myers
2003 Al Pacino
1992 Robert Redford
1987 Timothy Dalton
2002 Jackie Chan
1985 Roger Moore
2003 Frankie Muniz
1982 Clint Eastwood
1998 Robert De Niro
2009 Clive Owen
2002 Eddie Griffin
1987 Kevin Costner
1989 Timothy Dalton
2002 Eddie Murphy
1996 Geena Davis
2007 Ryan Phillippe
2000 Wesley Snipes
2002 Anthony Hopkins

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