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Can you name the terms, titles and expressions containing the word 'boom'?

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Portable stereo system in the 1980s
Character on Battlestar Galactica
Appropriately nick-named German tennis player who won Wimbledon at age 17
Generation born immediately after World War II
As one word, an album by Toby Keith and a TV series, as two words: a 1940 Clark Gable film
2009 hit for the Black Eyed Peas
Bob Geldof's band known for 'I Don't Like Mondays'
A time of rapid growth in wealth
Assistant to the production sound mixer in film
Chorus line from the 'I Love the World' Discovery Channel ad
Ash's warning to the Army of Darkness
Roxette album, or the sound of tripping over a drum kit
Chorus line to 'Land of the Silver Birch' campfire song
Australian curved throwing stick that returns to its thrower
Rolf Harris Christmas song
Used in forestry to collect and contain floating harvested trees
The bang when an aircraft breaks the sound barrier
Mumbling friend of Hank, Dale, and Bill
Cyclical market cycle where a period of increasing prices is immediately followed by a severe deflationary crash
2001 Saliva song associated with Seattle Mariner Bret Boone

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