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Can you name the Bridges and tunnels of the London Thames from Teddington to the sea?

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Road Bridge1777
Railway Bridge1848
Road Bridge1933
Road Bridge1903
Railway Bridge1869
Road Bridge1933
Railway Bridge1895
Road Suspension Bridge 1887
Road Bridge1886
Railway and Footbridge1889
Road Bridge1938
Railway Bridge1863
Footbridge Later to be a Road bridge1771,1890
Road Bridge1873
Road Bridge1937
Railway Bridge1859
Tube Tunnel (Name Tube Line)1971
Road Bridge1906
Road Bridge1932
Road Bridge1862
Tube Tunnel (Name Tube Line)1999
Tube Tunnel (Name Tube Line)1906
Railway Bridge1864
Tube Tunnel (Name Tube Line)1926
Road Bridge1945
Tube Tunnel (Name Tube Line)1898
Road Bridge1869
Railway Bridge1886
Road Bridge1921
Railway Bridge1982
Railway Tunnels1890. Abandoned in 1900
Road Bridge1973
Tube Tunnel (Name Tube Line)1900
The worlds Frist Underground tube - now used for water mains and telephone cables1870
Road Bridge1894
Tube Tunnel (Name Tube Line) - the world's first underwater tunnel1843
Road Tunnel1908
Tube Tunnel (Name Tube Line)1999
Foot tunnel1902
Tube Tunnel (Name Tube Line)1999
Tube Tunnel (Name Tube Line)1999
Road Tunnel1897 second bore 1967
Tube Tunnel (Name Tube Line)1999
Flood Barrier1974
Railway tunnel unconstructionconstruction started 15 May 2009
Tube Tunnel (Name Tube Line)1999
Road Bridge1991

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