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Can you name the my little pony episodes?

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episodeairdateepisode number
friendship is magic part one1
friendship is magic part two2
the ticket master3
applebuck season4
griffon the brush off 5
boast busters6
look before you sleep8
bridle gossip9
swarm of the century10
winter wrap up11
call of the cutie12
fall weather friends13
suited for success14
feeling pinkie keen 15
sonic rainboom16
stare master17
the show stoppers18
a dog and pony show19
green isn't your color20
over a barrel21
a bird in the hoof22
the cutie mark chronicles23
owl's well that ends well24
episodeairdateepisode number
party of one25
the best night ever26
the return of harmony part one27
the return of harmony part two28
lesson zero29
luna eclipsed30
sisterhooves social31
the cutie pox32
may the best pet win33
the mysterious mare do well34
sweet and elite35
secret of my excess36
hearth's warming eve37
family appreciation day38
baby cakes39
the last roundup40
the super speedy cider squeezy 600041
read it and weep42
hearts and hooves day43
a friend in deed44
putting your hoof down45
it's about time 46
dragon quest47
hurricane fluttershy48

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