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Katniss' Birthday?
pg 27 
Name of food/grain you can take for extra reaping slips?
pg 13 
Color of Katniss' backpack in the arena?
pg 150 
Name of bird that Katniss and Rue ate?
pg 282 
What does Katniss tell Peeta the berries (and sleep medicine) are called?
pg 277 
What are the Career Districts? (in order)
pg 94 
What was in the bread Peeta threw to Katniss in the rain?
pg 31 
What sound signals that a tribute has died?
pg 152 
How many brothers does Peeta have?
pg 26 
What is the name of the poisonous berries that Foxface eats?
pg 320 
Who plays Katniss in the movie?
Who plays Peeta in the movie?
Who plays Gale in the movie?
What are the names of Prim's two pets?
pg 3, 268 
How does Peeta hide himself by the river?
pg 252 

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