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Can you pick the Harry Potter character when given their cause of death?

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Cause of DeathCharacter
Botched beheading
Died in his sleep
Killing curse (Voldemort)
Killing curse (Voldemort)
Burned by Harry's hands
Old age
Looked into the eyes of the Basilisk
Old age
Stabbed with the Sword of Gryffindor
Mauled by a fox
Killing curse (Voldemort)
Killing curse (Voldemort)
Killed by his son in disguise
Killing curse (Pettigrew)
Decapitated by a giant
Strangled with Devil's Snare
A spell backfired on her
Fell through the veil
Inability to take care of himself
Poisoned by Tom Riddle
Old age and sickness
Murdered by Death Eaters
Murdered by Death Eaters
Killing curse (Snape)
Cause of DeathCharacter
Stabbed by the Bloody Baron
Suicide (stabbing)
Slit throat
Natural causes after years of hiding from Death
Accidentally by her daughter
Killed by either one of her brothers or their friend
Drowned by Inferi
Killing curse (Voldemort)
Killing curse (unknown Death Eater)
Killing curse (Voldemort)
Killing curse (Voldemort)
Killing curse (Voldemort)
Mauled by Nagini
Killing curse (Voldemort)
Strangled by his own hand
Stabbed with Bellatrix Lestrange's knife
Burned alive by the Ukrainian Ironbelly
Falling masonry after an explosion
Killing curse (Dolohov)
Killing curse (Lestrange)
Mauled by Nagini
Decapitated by the Sword of Gryffindor
Curse directly to the heart (Weasley)
His own rebounding killing curse

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