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Everything happens for a reason, everything happens for a reason...2PM
Love me ____ ____ ( Song Title ) love me like cars, love me babe, love me babe where ever you areWonder Girls ft. Akon
(Spoken) Dear boy, I fell in love on a snowy day, I'll be yours forever as long as you'll be mineA Pink
I need you and you want me...Exo
Electronic Manic Supersonic Bionic EnergyBoA
Oh my girl, I cry cry, you my all, say goodbyeBig Bang
Go kick it in the butt! Go kick it in the...Super Junior
You zoom zoom my heart like a rocket...B1A4
This is a story about a dwarf and a giant, but it's gonna end just like David and Goliath...Nu'est
Think about it don't hesitate I _______ ( Song Title ) we could be a perfect fitU-Kiss
Girls bring ___ ____ out( Song Title ) I wanna dance right now...Girls` Generation
___ ___ _ ( Song Title ) together, it just feels so rightPark Bom ( 2NE1 )
You make me go ______ ( Song Title ) , you give me so much pain, I wont be back againBTOB
I think i'm ____ and nobody wants to love me, just like her I wanna be pretty...2NE1

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