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Can you name the Disney side characters by their descriptions?

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Fluffy Pekingese, blue eyes, beige furLady and the Tramp
Colorful, gold at corners, purple and redAladdin
Big brown owl, female, friends with TodFox and the Hound
Tall, muscular, tan skin, big chin, thick eyebrows, yellow capThe Emperor's New Groove
Small, namesake in his side, blue eyes, yellow handleBeauty and the Beast
Thin, brown fur, wide small head, skinny tail101 Dalmatians
White fur, long silky mane, gray nose, dark eyes, brown saddleTangled
Brown, medium-sized tail, big pink ears, blue long-sleeved shirtThe Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Red fur, nameless, in love with Arthur (squirrel form)The Sword in the Stone
Chihuahua, partly ripped ear, brown headband, black nose, small whiskersOliver and Company
Green, one-eyed, various disguises, antennaLilo and Stitch
Tiny, blue dress, red bow on ear, brown fur, BritishThe Great Mouse Detective
Huge, white feathers, golden wings, amber eyes, kindhearted mother The Rescuers Down Under
Blue hat, yellow jacket, purple shirt, long dark tail that's light at the tipPinocchio
Purple dress, purplish-brown hair held up in ponytail, violet eyes, won't say she's in loveHercules
Big reddish-brown elephant, long ears, strong tusksTarzan
Orange fur, big blue bow around neck, lightly colored bellyThe Aristocats
White feathers, long yellow legs, blue uniform, triangular beak red hat, Dumbo
Big head, little arms, need I say more? (If I do need to say more, he had a cameo in Wreck-It Ralph)Meet the Robinsons
Big Reddish orangish beak with yellow on it, blue feathers, white wings (on one side)The Lion King

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