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Was caught grooming her cat with her own tongue on a nanny cam, then she coughed up a hairball
Cooked a cheese pita in the toaster which caused an office fire
Denied by the finer things club, drives a prius, graduated from cornell
According to Karen, this person wears stinky perfume, also she is married to Bob Vance
His favorite day is Pretzel Day
Agreed to go to Sandals with Michael
Was a woman for halloween and his sandals seriously offended Angela
Gets transferred back to Nashua after her relationship with Michael becomes public
Likes Andy, was once an orphan
Walked across hot coals on beach day and won the award for whitest sneakers
Has a daughter named Sasha, also has a secret crush on Pam
Dumped Michael on Christmas
Sold purses in the office
Won the Spicy Curry award
Keeps mung beans in his desk drawer, has bad breath
While hosting a dinner party, he played basketball with Jim. Also the exCFO
The warehouse worker who Pam almost married
Holly thought he was mentally challenged, made chili for the office
Has two thumbs and hates Todd Packer, was a three hold punched version of himself for Halloween
Is the most complicated man Kelly has ever met because he says exactly what he is thinking
Is now the Utica branch manager
Wore an extremely inappropriate outfit during casual friday
Gets mistaken for a William Hung fan because of his license plate 'WL HUNG'
When he got a concussion he said his middle name is Danger, has a froggy 101 sticker by his desk
Created the screen name Little Kid Lover on a dating site, wore a women's suit

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