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Forced Order
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Barney and Marshall's BossA
The creator of the Bro CodeB
The Bartender at MacLaren's PubC
Marshall's travel companion in Season 9D
Barney's DaughterE
Instrument which is a symbol Of Ted and Robin's loveF
Company Marshall and Barney used to work forG
Ted's Ex BossH
Lily and Marshall moved to this country for an yearI
Barney's brotherJ
Robin's sisterK
The artistL
Big FudgeM
Barney's girlfriend in Season 7N
Ted's home stateO
His friends held a ____ for Barney when he started dating a stripperQ
Canadian Ex-PopstarR
Lily's Ex boyfriendS
The narratorT
Object which is a symbol of love between Ted and TracyU
The BakerV
The university Ted, Marshall and Lily attendedW
Ted's Radio Show nameX
Lily's catchphraseY
Captain's Ex WifeZ

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