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What is the name of the glee club?EASY
What subject does Will Schuester teach?EASY
Name the school cheerleading team..EASY
Who is the real father of Quinn's baby?EASY
Name Will's wife?EASY
Where do the Glee kids go to school?EASY
What does Emma have a phobia of?EASY
Who has two gay dads?EASY
What does Rachel always put next to her name when she signs it?EASY
The song 'Don't stop believin', covered by the Glee gang in the pilot episode, is by which band?EASY
What song does Ken want at his and Emma's wedding?MEDIUM
When Brittany talks of 'gay sharks', what is she referring to?MEDIUM
What is Rachel's favourite slushie flavour according to Puck?MEDIUM
What number is on Finn's football jersey?MEDIUM
What song does Tina sing for her audition for the glee club?MEDIUM
Name Will's boy band?MEDIUM
Where does Will's wife work?MEDIUM
What musical do Will and Bryan Ryan compete for a main male role?MEDIUM
Where does Artie have a phantasy about being able to stand up and dance?MEDIUM
Who says that they don't have a gag reflex?MEDIUM
Who replaces Ken as the football coach?HARD
What is the profession of Emma's new boyfriend?HARD
What is Brittany's full name?HARD
Who plays Rif Raf in the glee production of Rocky Horror?HARD
Who says: 'You can drill me any time'?HARD
Name the substitute teacher who fills in for Will when he's ill..HARD
What looks like a 'jewish cloud'?HARD
Who was worried about being seen as a 'big gay beard'?HARD
Who is Sue referring to when she says 'Boobs Mcgee'?HARD
What is the real name of actress who plays Rachel's mother on glee?HARD

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