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What is the name of Andy's 'evil' next door neighbour?EASY
Who voices the character of Buzz Lightyear?EASY
Who is Woody's love interest throughout the films?EASY
Is Woody's shirt: stripy, dotty or checked?EASY
Name Andy's sister..EASY
What is the name of Andy's favorite restaurant in the original movie?EASY
What are the alien toys obsessed with?EASY
What surprising present does the family receive for Christmas at the end of the first film?EASY
Ride like the ? Bullseye!.. (fill in the blank)EASY
There's a ? in my boot! (fill in the blank)EASY
How many buttons does Buzz have on his chest?EASY
What cool feature does Buzz have on his right arm?EASY
Where does Al steal Woody from?MEDIUM
What is the prospector known as?MEDIUM
Who says: 'Hey, Hamm. Look, I'm Picasso.'?MEDIUM
Name one of Woody's pull-string catchphrases...MEDIUM
What country does Al prepare to send Woody to?MEDIUM
What does Al dress up as in his commercials?MEDIUM
Who is Buzz Lightyear's arch enemy?MEDIUM
Where is Andy heading at the beginning of Toy Story 3?MEDIUM
Question:Answer:Difficulty rating
Where do Andy's toys end up at the beginning of the third film?MEDIUM
Who is the only toy that Andy wanted to take with him in the last movie?MEDIUM
Where were the other toys supposed to be stored in the final film?MEDIUM
What is the name of the 'cuddly' toy who greets the characters at the Daycare centre?MEDIUM
What is the language that Buzz is set to in the last film?MEDIUM
What machine almost burns the toys to pieces?HARD
Which toys rescue Woody and the gang after being left to die by the Daycare toys?HARD
What is Al's surname?HARD
What is the name of the video game, first seen at the beginning of Toy Story 2?HARD
What sort of dog is Slinky?HARD
What has Woody lost at the beginning of the second film?HARD
What sort of animal toy watches the security cameras in the Daycare centre? (Third film)HARD
Who is thrown in the sandbox in the Daycare centre?HARD
In the final film, Mr Potato head uses what sort of food item to help him crawl under a door?HARD
Who does Andy donate his toys to at the end of the last film?HARD
What does Mrs Potato head leave behind at Andy's house in the third movie?HARD
What is 'Wheezy'?HARD
What does Wheezy suffer from?HARD
What was written on 'Etch' at the end of the second film?HARD
Who writes the note suggesting that Andy should donate his toys at the very end of the final film?HARD

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