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Characters include:Name of filmReleased..
Jake Sully, Neytiri2009
Jack Dawson, Rose DeWitt Bukater1997
Legolas, Sam2003
Will Turner, Davy Jones2006
Mad hatter, white rabbit2010
Andy, Rex, Hamm2010
Harvey Dent, Alfred2008
Hagrid, Neville Longbottom2001
Jack Sparrow2007
Nymphadora Tonks, Mrs Figg2007
Fenrir Greyback, Horace Slughorn2009
Aldor, Peregrin Took2002
Jar Jar Binks, Yoda1999
Fiona, Donkey2004
Dr Alan Grant, Dr Ellie Sattler1993
Wormtail, Cedric Diggory2005
Mary Jane Watson, Sandman2007
Scratte, Madison2009
Ginny Weasley, Dobby2002
Everard Proudfoot, Sauron2001
Marlin, Dory2001
C-3PO, Count Dooku2005
Mikaela Banes, Leo Spitz2009
Harry Osborn, May Parker2002
David Levinson, Russel Casse1996
Characters include:Name of filmReleased..
Prince charming, Merlin2007
Sirius Black, Aunt Marge2004
Elliot, Gertie1982
Irina Spalko, Mutt Williams2008
Simba, Scar1994
Dr Otto Octavius, John Jameson2004
Han Solo, R2-D21977
Jackson Curtis, Charlie Frost2009
Robert Langdon, Sophie Neveu2006
White witch, Lucy Pevensie2005
Kali, Soren, Vector2003
Carl Fredricksen, Russel2009
Jacob Black, Charlie Swan2009
Sam Witwicky, Maggie Madsen2007
Rumpelstiltskin, Puss in boots2010
Jenny Curran, Dan Taylor, 'Bubba' Blue1994
Cole Sear, Malcolm Crowe1999
Cobb, Robert Fischer, Yusuf2010
Manny, Sid, Diego2006
Riley, Victoria, Bella Swan2010
Elizabeth Swann, Barbossa2003
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jango Fett2002
Po, Shifu, Tigress2008
Bob Parr, Helen Parr, Bomb Voyage2004
John Hancock, Matrix2008

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