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Can you name the name the show by romantic couple?

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Romantic coupleAnswerClue
Howard Wolowitz and Bernadette RostenkowskiPremiered in 2007
Ross Geller and Rachel GreenSet in Manhattan
Sabrina Spellman and Harvey KinkleAlso a comic book series
Kurt Hummel and Blaine AndersonMusical comedy-drama
Marshall Erikson and Lily AldrinNarrated by fellow character Ted in 2030
Phil and Claire DunphyA 'mockumentary'
Zack Morris and Kelly KapowskiAired on NBC from 1989-1993
Marge and Homer SimpsonCreated by Matt Groening
Romantic coupleAnswerClue
Chuck Bass and Blair WaldorfBased on Cecily von Ziegesar's book series
Peter and Lois GriffinAdult animated sitcom
Anya Jenkins and Xander HarrisStars Sarah Michelle Gellar
Aria Montgomery and Ezra FitzFocussed on uncovering who 'A' is
Jess Day and Nick MillerJess lives in a loft with 3 men
Piper Chapman and Alex VauseFirst released on Netflix
Jeff and Audrey Bingham'The Island Diner'

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