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QuestionAnswerGeneral trivia
Who is the current Queen?Became Queen in 1953
Name a national dish?One of the fattest countries in Europe
What city in England did the Beatles come from?Formed in 1960
Name the famous Beckham coupleHad their 'Beckingham Palace' valued at 18 million
What is the capital?It has a recent population of over 7.5 million people.
What two colours make up England's national flag?The flag contains a large cross.
Who is the patron saint of England?As tradition goes, he was a Roman soldier.
Name the famous writer born in Stratford upon avon?Known for his sonnets and plays.
Which university did famous author J. K Rowling attend?Less than thirty minutes away from me!
Name the notoriously blunt English judge who appears on numerous talent shows.He has a ridiculous hairstyle
QuestionAnswerGeneral trivia
Name a current English television soapThe longest running soap has been going for nearly 50 years
What is the second largest city?People from here are often known as brummies
Which king had six different wives?He beheaded two of these women
Name the river which runs through the capitalIt is the second longest in the UK
Name one of the BeatlesTheir first single was called 'Love me do'
What is the English currency?Coins include: silver, copper, gold
What year did England win the world cup?The mascot for that year was called 'World cup willie'
Name the large standing clock situated in the capital city The name is actually what the bell inside the tower is called
What hot beverage is England so famously associated with?England consumes 20 times more of this beverage than in America

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