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Episode descriptionName of episode..Season..
Carol goes into labor, Susan and Ross can't stop arguing.One
When Monica's credit card is stolen, Phoebe accompanies her to dance lessons to catch the thief. Monica befriends the crook.One
Chandler accidentally walks in on Rachel in the nude, leading to her searching for ways to get even.One
Rachel waits to greet Ross at the airport, not realising that he has hooked up with Julie on his travels.Two
Chandler and Joey babysit Ben, using him to pick up hot girls. However, the responsibility gets too much for them and they lose Ben on their day out.Two
Ross is desperate for his friends to get dressed in order to accompany him to an important dinner. Joey and Chandler bicker over a chair.Three
Monica's aunt dies, leaving her something special in her will. Three
Ross discovers something unusual on his ass, requiring the assistance of Joey and Chandler to determine what it is. They are reluctant to help.Three
After kissing Joey's girlfriend Kathy, Chandler agrees to an unusual punishment in order to obtain Joey's forgiveness.Four
Ross and Emily plan to spend their last evening together before she leaves for London. However, Rachel sees this as an opportunity for her to get closer to Joshua.Four
Rachel has second thoughts about her new relationship with Danny once she discovers his odd behaviour with his sibling.Five
Phoebe plans to seduce Chandler in order to push him into declaring his relationship with Monica. Joey bursts open her bra in the hope of frightening Chandler.Five
Rachel and Phoebe decide to start exercising together, but when realising that Phoebe has a weird style of doing so, Rachel decides to do it alone.Six
Episode descriptionName of episode..Season..
Ross has a date coming up and decides to alter his appearance, with dazzling side effects.Six
Unlike Phoebe, Rachel loves Pottery Barn and goes on a shopping spree.Six
Joey and Ross feel awkward after finding themselves snuggling after a snooze together.Seven
Ross dresses as an odd creature with the hope of teaching Ben about Hanukkah.Seven
Chandler and Rachel become so obsessed with a delicious dessert that they even eat it off of the floor.Seven
Ross and Rachel disagree over who came on to whom the night that Emma was conceived. Eight
Chandler unlocks Monica's messy side.Eight
Rachel is fed up with being heavily pregnant with no sign of contractions.Eight
Ross criticises Rachel's choice of their new child minder.Nine
Monica reveals more than her voice in the piano bar.Nine
Ross is in denial about Joey and Rachel's new relationship.Ten
Ross: 'I'm a twelve?!'Ten
All the keys are gathered as Monica and Chandler prepare to move house.Ten

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