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DescriptionAnswerExtra info
A white and crumbly Greek cheeseWhen removed from brine it drys out quickly making it crumbly
A small round fruit, often with a purply skin.One of the first plants to be cultivated by human race
An open type of pieThe filling tends to be based on a thick custard
The fattened liver of a duck or gooseTranslates as 'Fat liver' in French
Thinly cut strips of potato, cooked in hot oilTranslates as 'Pomme frites'
Buttery, sweet and rich confectionaryIt is a drier variant of fondant.
Sweetened cornflakes... They're Grrrreat!Tony the Tiger has been the mascot since 1952
A combination of various fruit, often served in a juice or syrupIt must contain a minimum of 3 fruits to qualify
A melted cheese or chocolate dish... perfect for dipping.Dates back to 1699.
DescriptionAnswerExtra info
A white powder using for cooking and baking.It was discovered around 9000 BC
Scaly, gill bearing organismsThere are around 32,000 species
Known as 'bow tie' or 'butterfly' pastaOriginates from Northern Italy in the 16th Century
Grilled meat served in/on a tortilla wrapOften served with sauces including: salsa, guacamole, sour cream etc.
A biscuit made from nuts and candied fruits on a dark chocolate baseThe original recipe is from Florence
The name given to any kind of food that has been battered and deep fried.Often eaten as a dessert in Asian cuisine
Deep fried ball, consisting of chickpeas and/or fava beansHas a controversial origin, often believed to come from Egypt.
Served at weddings and at Christmas, often contains nuts, spices and occasionally spiritsIf it contains lots of alcohol, it can remain totally edible for decades
Made from fried bread and eggs, can be sweet or savouryOther names include 'eggy bread' and 'fairy bread'

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