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Lyrics from SongSong Name
I used to wanna be living like there's only me
She got legs like Beyone, give me the eye like Rihanna
This ain't the end of us, darling let me show you I am good enough
They're the only friends I have
I met you yesterday, you take my breath away
I wake to find you already up now
I can see the candle you hold inside has a cloud around it
The way you move it's wonderful, Let's do it now 'cos one day we'll both be old
Lyrics from SongSong Name
And I'll take your picture, it could last a lifetime
We'll do it all again, we'll do it again
Time has never been my best suit, but now I've got everything except you
Tell me okay and tell me it will all fade away
I'd wait all day just for a maybe
You would be my girl and nothing would tear us apart
You just know, sometimes you feel it in your bones

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