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Can you name the Guess the Gallagher Girl character by tweet?

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We have to protect our sisters and our sisterhood. Learn her skills, Honour her sword, Protect her secrets.
You are not just spies; You are ladies.
I'd happily take a bullet for you.
I hope no-one notices I've taped my organic chemistry notes into this months Vogue...for their sake...
Is there any homework? 'Cos I need homework. Or I could just write an extra credit essay...
I'm used to being the only exception.
You ladies need to learn that there is no point being a legend if you're dead.
I found another hidden passageway....I wonder where it goes...
So, is it true that the Circle is actually after Cammie?
I'm going to protect her even if it kills me. I won't let her die.

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