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The human excretory system eliminates
The human excretory system controls __ concentrations in body fluids
The human excretory system performs ___, controls how much water the body contains
the functional units of the kidney
in kidney, the blind end of excretory tubule, emptys into collecting duct
the collucting duct emptys into the ___
the kidneys and somatic part of the gonad are formed from the
transports gametes and urine
cluster of capillaries through which blood is filterd
before kidney
middle kidney
permanent kidney stage
pronephros formed from intermediate and ___ mesoderm
signals from paraxial mesoderm lead to the development of the
in mesonephros formation, the ____ degenerate
branch of nephric duct involved in metanephric kidney formation
kidney in lower vertebrates
__ mesenchyme involved in metanephros formation
metanephrogenic mesenchyme condenses into
formation of metanephros: ___ from ureteric bud trigger cells to cluster in MPM
formation of metanephros: DF from MPM lead to branching and growth of
studies with ___ led to the discovery of DF
__ expressed in stalk region induces MPM
__ partitions MPM before branching
coelom is formed from ___ mesoderm
the space between the splanchic and somatic mesoderm is the
the coelom becomes the
the thorax and lung cavity
the pericardial cavity
the abdomen cavity
animals with no coelomic cavity
animals with coelom lined by mesoderm only on the body wall, not around the gut
animals with true coeloms
presumtive heart cells originate posterior to ___
heart forms from ___ mesoderm
formation of heart involves these signaling pathways
__ specifies and commits the heart precursor
__ transmit electrical signals to ventricles
in heart __ form between cells and allow for ion flow and electrical signalling
cardiac NCC form ___ heart
in ascidians: pericardium and myocardium are derived from ___ invagination along dorsal side
both ascidian and vertebrate heart formation directed by ___
extra fingers and toes
fusion of digits
three phalanges in thumb instead of 2
traits of organisms are due to sharing a common ancestor, and such traits often have similar embryological origins and development
in salamanders the ___ mesoderm is the limb skeletal precursor
in salamanders the ___ are the limb muscle precursors
in limb bud development: ___ lay down cartilaginous model and become ossified
in limb bud development: ___ cells migrate and divide in the presence of growth factors
the buldge where myotome cells and chondrocytes accumulate
___ genes specify which genes develop where
each __ gene is expressed at a specific location along the embryo
the emergence of limb bud is due to the loclized expression of ___ in the ___ mesoderm
there are 4 clusters of HOx genes, name them in order
transplanted fgf will induce
___ codes for arm development
___ codes for leg developmnet
___ induces Tbx4 or Tbx5 depending on location of where it is expressed
___ transplantation induces mirror image of normally produced digits
___ removal inhibits further limb development
extra ___ induces duplicate limb development
rotating the dorasl vental patterning will induce ___ formation
in chick limb development ___ stabilizes ___
signal for apoptosis in limb development
two anatomical structures are considered to be ___ when they serve similar functions but are not evolutionarily related
hox 13 and hox 12 gene expression in finger development helped to show that birds are descended from
metamorphosis is regulated by ___ in insects
___ are critical for metamorphosis in amphibians, regulate differentiation of new neurons
first part of tail regression in amphibia is suicide, ___ leads to apoptosis
later part of tail regression is murder as cells undergo
gonadal maturation is accelerared while the rest of the body develops normally
no larval stage = ___ development
transcription factors that tend to have a long lasting effect
___ bind __ with a much higher affinity than __
an active hormone in metamorphosis
a pro-hormone in metamorphosis
___ inhibits transcription when bound to DNA in metamorphosis

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