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Can you name the Jimi Hendrix Experience song by the opening lyrics?

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Forced Order
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Opening LyricsSong Title
'After all the jacks are in their boxes...'
'Well, I stand up next to a mountain...'
'Well, she's walking through the clouds...'
'Every day in the week, I'm in a different city...'
'Waterfall, nothing can harm me at all...'
'Will I live tomorrow? I just can't say...'
'Is that the stars in the sky or is it raining far from now?...'
'Down the street, you can hear her scream: 'you're a disgrace'...'
'Anger, he smiles, towering in shiny metallic purple armor...'
'It's very far away, It takes about a half and a day to get there...'.'
'If the sun refused to shine, I don't mind...'
'You jump in front of my car when you know all the time...'

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