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Dear Abby's bread and butter
Neil Postman thinks we're doing this to ourselves to death
Rectal behavior (not nine donkeys)
The 'A' in A/V
When that 'A' gets cut & spliced
The main attraction at Hooter's
Deaf people prefer it closed
Portmanteau of a feline and a day of the week
Miles Davis is known for this type of Jazz
A stupid donkey
There's even a blog devoted to this F word
It's not photography, it's...
The Sunshine State
When the doctor asks you to return soon
Enrique thought he could be one, but Chad couldn't bother to wait
Arte Johnson said this word often
Alanis says it's like rain on your wedding day
Abbr. for everything else
Kermit the Frog's Sesame Street News Show
This captain tells self-evident truths
Abbr. for Ads that advise against H, PCP & E
This ap is the jewell in the Adobe crown
You usually need one for a drain
Seasonal Affected Disorder might make you feel like this
A sticky synonym for sentimentality
Politics is ripe for this brand of humour
Redundant adjective of a spoof horror franchise
Michael Moore movie minus the 'O'
The foamy string in an aerosol can is described as this
A 21st century stain remover on the Simpsons
Jim Morrison's adjective for people and days
An infamous t-shirt describes the person next to you as this
If Family Feud didn't have these they wouldn't have a show
A shorter way to say 'not likely'
The once ubiqitous 'V' in MTV
When that 'V' gets cut and spliced
Oscar Mayer has some really big ones
The first word in Al Yankovic's stage name
Please don't call him Wesley Crusher

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