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Who put the glove in Layla's cake?
Who did Lol have a crush on?
Where did Amber say Jenny was moving to?
What was Peter's nickname?
What was the name of Marco's friend who never spoke?
What was the 'surname' of Chantal, Rio and Roxy?
What was Cam's eventual husband's name?
What was the name of the dog that was loose in the house in Series 2?
What was the name of the new kid at the care home who lived in a tent?
What do the kids call the care home?
Where did Cam and Tracy go on holiday in Series 5?
Name one of Adele's boyfriends from Series 2
What was the name of the new head careworker in Series 4?
What was the name of the friend Tracy met on the streets in Series 1?
Who was the name of Justine's Dad's new wife?
What vegetable were the kids forced to try in Series 1?
What was Lol and Bouncer's last name?
Name the Series 1 temporary careworker
What was Crash's real name?
Who plays Tracy Beaker?

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