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Canine deity [3,3]
To give a shoplifter back his equipment [6,6]
What you need if your chewing tobacco keeps missing the pot [4,4]
Footballer, tennis player, and golfer tantrums [6,6]
The elephant turns its trunk up at the treats [4,4]
Prize located in a cabinet compartment [6,6]
Trick questions are designed to do this to the students [6,6]
The baby gets revenge for the nappy rash [6,6]
What to do if attacked by flying mammals and holding a knife [4,4]
Doughnut shaped swimming area [4,4]
A person who refuses to admit the truth, fitted with horse tack [6,6]
Signs your beverage tube is unwell! [5,5]
She displays a keen interest in maintaining her popularity as a singer [4,4]
Her true love was Shrek and she'd take love's true form... [4,4]
Clandestine 9am psalms [6,6]
The beer of kings! [5,5]
The sentry's ID badge [7,7]
Many schoolchildren have this opinion of Shakespeare [4,4]
A conceited, self-satisfied toothless smile [4,4]
The boatsmith is proud of these smooth, glossy hull undersides [5,5]
The cat and dog exchange their feet [4.4]
The crumble, custard, and cake are in a panic [8,8]
Intelligent mode of transport [5,5]
Intergalatic rodents [4,4]
The postman hands over the package with verbal abuse! [7,7]
Jeans dug out from underground caves [5,5]
To hit one's friends [4,4]

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