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Can you name the Modern Boardgame by Playable Factions?

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Races / Teams / FactionsGame
The L1Z1X Mindnet / The Nekro Virus / Universities of Jol-Nar
House Stark / House Martell / House Baratheon
Zerg / Terran / Protoss
Parasite / Filch / Dictator
Jinteki / Anarch / NBN
House Harkonnen / The Bene Gesserit / The Spacing Guild
Arachnid / Amphibian / Mammal
Khorne / Tzeentch / Slaneesh
Fakirs / Darklings / Chaos Magicians
Orion Hegemony / Descendants of Draco / Planta
Bear Clan / Snake Clan / Wolf Clan
Eldar / Space Ork / Space Marine
Aliens / Ghosts / Dinosaurs
Shadow Elves / Benders / Vargath
Barbarians / Romans / Japanese
Races / Teams / FactionsGame
Black Goat / Crawling Chaos / Opener of the Way
Borgo / Moloch / Outpost
Qualeen / Zehuti / Humareen
Vulca / Hoax / Terrah
Vietcong / United States / North Vietnamese Army
Dwarves of Dunwarr / Latari Elves / Orcs of the Shattered Plain
Red Duchy / Celestial Reign / Golden Barony
Vulpes / Andromeda / Orion
Cresarians / Hogmen / Humans
Kahoum / Xenos / Terran
Purebreeds / Mongrels / Troglodytes
Trontek 29ers / Greenmoon Smackers / Void Sirens
Rantillion Beetlemen / The Fome Guild Mages / The Orzax
The Founders / The Vox Populi
Cowboys / Demons / Fangs

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