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Can you name the wwe wrestlers by their nicknames?

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Poopstain ________,Pretty Boy,Killer
the perfection,the natural
The One man Band
British Bulldog
The Wrestling God
Half Man, Half Amazing,The Ballin' Superstar,The Franchise Playa,mr.305
The Pearl River Powerhouse
The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death–Defying maniac,The Arabian Machine of Destruction,ECWs evel kenievel,The Modern Day Kamikaze,the crazed kamikaze,houdini of hardcore,the
Mr. Ass,The Ass Man,the one,The Mega Star,the superstar,the fashionist,the chosen one,willy will,bitter billy,Billy Bitchcakes
the madman from sudan
the hammer,bodacious,lefty
the worlds most dangerous man
the anvil
The Nature Boy
The Cool Caribbean, the caribbean bad apple,___ caribbean cool
The Anvilette
the peoples champ,handsome,positively page
the dragon
doctor of style,jive soul bro,brother slim,the slickster
The Perfect One
The Problem Solver
The Guru of Greatness,JoMo,the shaman of sexy,the monday night delight,the new face of extreme,the prince of parkour
The Italian Stallion,the milan miracle
The Canadian Freight Train
the african dream,OMG
the devious one
Captain Charisma,The Creepy Little Bastard,The New People's Champion,The Pontiff of the Peepulation,the instant classic
The Conspiracy Nut,the truth,The Suntan Superman
The Master of the 619, the ultimate underdog, masked maestro
master,sir,the mans man
big daddy cool,big sexy,the big man,the silver fox
The Rocker
The Impact Player
The Dreadlock Dynamo,Controlled Frenzy,S.O.S
double A,the enforcer
The Voice of the WWE
The Problem Solver,mr.4th of july
The World's Strongest Man, WSM,sexual choclate,The Mayhem of Destruction,the destruction of mayhem,
the worlds largest athlete, the 500 pound giant
The Man of 1,000 Holds,the shooter,the iceman,Double Ho Seven,the professor
The Predator, The Beast, Undeafeated
The Alabama Slamma
Olympic Strongman
The Essence of Excellence / La Esencia de la Excelencia,the maxican aristocrat
The Intellectual Savior of the Masses, The Emperor of Enlightenment, The Duke Of Decency
the king
The Vicious Vixen
the Excellence of Innovation
the lariat,The Unsinkable Battleship,The Bad Man from Borger, Texas,The Man
The Voice of The Voiceless,The Second City Savior,The Straight-Edge Savior,The Second City Saint
The Punjabi Nightmare,The Punjabi titan,The Prince of the Land of Five Rivers,the punjabi playboy
The Million Dollar Son, the fortunate son
stone cold, the texas rattlesnake, toughest son of a bitch in the wwf
the master of the spin-a-rooney,The former 5-Time WCW Champion,king,book
the franchise
the nature boy, The Man, the dirtiest player in the game,The Limousine Ridin', Jet Flying, Kiss Stealin', Wheelin' Dealin', Son of a Gun,Slick Ric,Naitch,Stylin' and Profilin,The S
the rock, Magnificent
The Hammer,boxcar
The French Canadian Beauty,the sexiest of the sexy,the gwapa
the viper,the legend killer,WWE's Apex Predator
latino heat
The Mastodon
the hitman,The Excellence of Execution,The Best There Is, The Best There Was and The Best There Ever Will Be
The Big Bad Booty Daddy,Big Poppa Pump,The Genetic Freak,White Thunder,superstar,freakzilla
Doctor of Desire
the snake, the founder of the DDT
Mr. Media
high cheif
the animal(the first one)
The Master and Ruler of the World, The Millennium Man
the american hero, The Olympic Gold Medalist, the olympic hero, your olympic hero, The Most Celebrated Real Athlete in WWF History, the wrestling, the godfather of the main event m
the all american,the powerhouse
the glamazon,The Total Package of Women's Wrestling,The Über Diva
dirty,mr. excitement,mr.unpredictable,the rebel
the brain
Bare-Knuckle Brawler
The Flawless One,the all-american diva
The Blue Blazer,the rocket,The King of Harts,nugget,,The Two-Time Slammy Award Winner,the black heart
the chain gang commander, the champ, doctor of thuganomics,fruity pebble
the american dream
the barber
Marvellous, Wildman
the awesome one, the most must-see wwe champion, the cleveland screamer, chick magnet
the phenom,the last outlaw,big evil,the american badass,The Man From The Dark Side,the deadman,The Demon of Death Valley,the lord of darkness,the red devil,
The Hardcore Legend,The Unpredictable,Mrs. _____ Baby Boy
The Redneck Messiah,by god,new attitude
Man of a Thousand Masks
da bad guy,the lone wolf,BIG
nWo head of security
the charismatic enigma, The Rainbow–Haired Warrior, The Legend Thriller, The anti-Christ of professional wrestling
B-Jizzle,The Trailer Park Gangsta,The Real Double J
D bryan,The Best Wrestler in the World,The Master of the Small Package,the american dragon,the dagger
macho man
king,the king of wrestling,handsome,mad dog
Mr. Wonderful
The Beast From the East,The Flamed Wonder,the taz killer
Big Hungry, Silverback
The Gold Standard
The Million Dollar Man, Do Aw Haw Haw, Trillionaire Ted
cold blood, the man who will not die,version 1
rowdy,the rowdy one,hot rod,hot scot
The Innovator of Violence,the heart and soul of ECW
La Original
The Mastodon of Mayhem
The Eighth Wonder of the World,The Immovable Object,the boss
The Genius, leaping
The Italian Superman,
A-Ry,The Rare Breed,
Double J, The King of the Mountain, The TNA Founder, The Ultra Male, Big Daddy, Simply Irresistible
The Model
prime time
The Ugandan Giant,The Ugandan headhunter,ugly bear,sugar bear,BIG,bad news,giant
The Japanese Buzzsaw,Hustle Buzzsaw
the crippler,the rabid wolverine,the canadian crippler
The Chosen One,thee,The Sinister Scotsman
World's Largest Love Machine,The Most Dominant Force in the WWE,big vis
The Rated-R Superstar,The Ultimate Opportunist,The Master Manipulator,The Grand Puppetmaster,king ___ the awesome
The Personification of Domination
the game, the king of kings, the cerebral assasin
the immortal,hollywood,the hulkster,the hulk,mr.america
The Masterpiece,The Living, Breathing Statue,the roman general
the chairman,the boss,The Genetic Jackhammer,The Higher Power
The Moscow Mauler,The Soviet War Machine,The Soviet cyborg
the animal
the mouth of the south,the colonel
the russian bear
The Ninth Wonder of The World
The Heartbreak Kid (HBK),The Showstopper,MR.wrestlemania,MR.hall of fame,the icon,the main event,the headliner
the lethal weapon,the silent assasin
The Beast
The Whole F'n Show,Mr. Monday / Tuesday / Thursday / Friday Night,The Battle Creek Barbarian,The Whole Dam Show,Mr. Pay-Per-View,Mr. TNA
The Long Island Iced-Z,the woo woo woo kid,The Long Island loudmouth,broski
The Most Electrifying Man in All of Entertainment,the great one,The People's Champion,The Brahma Bull,rocky
The Texas Tornado
Shane-O Mac
The Bizarre One,The American Nightmare,the prince of perversion,The Lonestar,the natural
The Queen of Extreme,the extreme diva,lovely ___
dirty,captain redneck
The self-procalimed flyest superstar
Y2J,The Best In The World At What He Does,the first undisputed champion,The Mental Mastermind,the higlight of the night,The Manitoban Jet,the king of bling-bling,sexy beast,The Man
____ colada
The Gore Machine,The War Machine,The Man Beast
The Wrestler Formerly Known as Prince,The Hip Hop Hippo
Diva of the Decade,Canada's Greatest Export,The Quintessential WWE Diva
The Big Red Machine,The Big Red Monster,the devils favourite demon
the wild samoan,The Godfather of Professional Wrestling,The Dream Maker,pops
hardcore icon,extreme icon,ECW original,King of Extreme
The next big thing, The beast, The war machine, The freak, The Anomaly, The perfect strorm
No Gimmicks Needed,The Suicide Blond,Mr. Charisma,Hard Knox
The Big Valbowski

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