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Collects teeth of past presidents' relatives.What's wrong with weird and disturbing?
Is obsessed with celebrities.More power!
Main protagonist. Need I say more?Eat your pants!
Likes having his tummy tickled.Easy's boring.
Coconut milk gives him 'visions'.Improv is like fine cheese, but not really.
His hair is not a perm.Your life will be full of disappointment. Of course.
He's an it, but he doesn't like being an it.Hey, don't you knock?
First onscreen girlfriend was Sherry.Normal's boring
Has a thing for hand lotion and hates dry skin.Put this on her head.
Is half-Puerto RicanDoes he like turkeycicles?
Has a black purse made out of monkey fur.He keeps deleting all my very creative negative comments!
Rumored to be having an affair.Who laughs at Terms of Endearment?
Sleep sweats.Who puts ketchup on a pickle?
Is afraid of virtually everything.'GO BECK! GET HER, BABY!'
Eats yellow peppers like apples.I think you're awesome.
Has a talent for knowing people's exact clothing and limb measurements.What's that supposed to mean?
Played Georgia in television show 'Happy Times'.That is not my job!

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