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The rights of citizens to vote, to recieve equal treatment beofre the law, and to share equally with other citizens the benefits of public facilities
Laws prohibiting African-American people from their human rights in the South throughout the 1900's
Classifying people on the basis of their race or ethnicity
Court case which created the principle of 'separate but equal'
Court case which allowed African-American children to attend white schools
This woman was arrested for refusing to move to the African-American section at the back of the bus in Montgomery, Alabama
A philosophy of opposing a law one considers unjust by peacefully violating it and allowing oneself to be punished as a result
Term used to describe cultural, economic, military, or political force over a particular group of people
Minister who was a prominent leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement
An effort to get people to stop buying goods and services from a company or person in order to punish that company or to coerce its owner into changing policies
Year President Lyndon Johns signed the Civil Rights Act
Year women were given the right to vote
True or False: Congress could exclude women from the military draft
Court case which legalized abortion
Year of the court decision which gave women the right to have an abortion
The requirement that an organization take positive steps to increase the number or proportion of women, African-Americans, or minorities in its membership
Number of years of residency needed for an individual to become a citizen of the Untied States if he or she is not married to an U.S. citizen
True or False: The children of illegal aliens cannot be excluded from the public school system
The brutal murder of this man illustrated the issue of crimes against homosexuals
Policy created by President Clinton allowing homosexuals to enter the military and not be harrassed

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