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A word used to describe at least 3 political systems, most used form of government
America has this 
True interests of the masses is discovered through discussion within the party
It's 'centralized'... 
The right to use power
This puts one person higher than another 
The ability of one person to get another person to act in accordance with the first person's intentions
All strong leaders have this 
Citizens participate directly in either holding office, or making policy
Greece used this 
Candidates compete for votes
A type of Democracy 
The type of Government America has today
Candidates compete for votes 
Majoritarian politics favor the _____
An identifiable group of people who have a disproportionate share of some valued resource
Usually the higher-ups in society 
The theory that government is simply a reflection of underlying economic forces
Developed by a man named Karl 
Appointed government officials are called
Includes such workers as mail carriers 
The theory that resources are scattered throughout the masses, so there is no single elite
No single group in government has more power than the others 
True or False: in the 1920s, it was assumed the federal govenment would play a small role in our lives
What job tries to answer questions such as 'how is political power distributed?' or 'to what purposes will it be used under various circumstances?'
Hint: they are not an elected position 
True or False: Ronald Reagan sought to raise taxes
True or False: the Monroe Doctrine made the U.S. the world's police officer
True or False: All democratic nations handle issues in the same way
True or False: Marxism is the same as communism
What is it that makes a law or constitution a source of right?
A sort of authority... 
True or False: in 1787, Alexander Hamilton feared that the new government might be TOO democratic

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