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Ecology Exam 2 - Population Genetics

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Forced Order
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Directional Selection, Drift, and Assortative mating ________ variation
Unidirectional flow of individuals from one source population to other habitats
highly repetitive DNA usually 1-5 base pairs in length
F represents the _________ _________
Locally adapted versions of a species; shorter dispersal distances because of adaptation to certain ecosystems
Inbreeding increases _________. Selfing reduces _________ by __% each generation
Repeated sequences of DNA
Inbreeding is a form of ________ _______ mating
What does the equation represent? P^2+2Pq+q^2=1
What does the equation represent? P=f(AA)+0.5f(Aa), q=f(aa)+0.5f(Aa)
Likes attract Likes
Mutation, Migration, and Overdominance __________ variation

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