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Temperature determining the sex of the eggs is an example of...
One male that mates with many different females
Male gametes produced first then female
Producing male and female gametes at the same time
Having only one mate at a time
Organism splits into two identical clones
When clones do not detach from the parent, the organism is _______
Producing both male and female gametes
______ ________ is the only known self-fertilizing vertebrate through the use of ovotestes
Generates clones; tissue from various parts of plants regenerate into new plants
Wolbachia infected individuals show resistence to _______ fever and ___ virus
Body breaks into pieces which develop into adults
One female mates with many different males
Single female produces fertile eggs
Having multiple mates at any given time
Sexual reproduction _______ variability
Outgrowth from a parent
sperm required to activate egg but only maternal genes expressed
sperm in pollen fertilizes endosperm but not egg
A single individual produces a viable offspring
Blueheaded wrass develop as females when they are isolated and as males in groups. This is an example of....
Genus of bacteria that causes male killing, feminization, and cytoplasmic incompatibility
Females produce only female offspring
Produces one sex's gametes first and then the other
Female gametes produced first then male gametes
Give an example of vegetative reproduction
Two individuals are required to produce viable offspring
Asexual reproduction _____ variability
Having both male and female reproductive organs

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