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QUIZ: Can you name the Soul Eater Trivia?

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What does 'DWMA' stand for?Their School
First protagonist to be introducedMeister
Their weapon partnerScythe
Second protagonist to be introducedMeister
Their weapon partnerDemon Weapon
Third protagonist to be introduced Meister/Reaper
Older of their two partnersPistol
Younger of their two partnersPistol
Who is the principal of the DWMA?Grim Reaper
Whats the name of Maka's father?Death Weapon
The name of the powerful samurai who rivals Black StarWitch Angela's Bodyguard
Creepy professor, Likes to dissect thingsMost powerful meister from the DWMA
Witch who disguised herself as a school nurseSnake
Witch forced to aid in black blood researchFrog
Immortal who stole the eye of the grand witchWerewolf
Priest who wears headphones constantlyDeath Weapon/Guillotine
What is the name of the demon sword placed inside Crona by her mother?'My blood is black, you know'
Tsubaki's brother's nameUncanny Sword
Final form of Maka and Soul's soul resonanceAfter witch hunter and genie hunter
Name of the witch who created Weapon shape shiftersSpider/Medusa's sister

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