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What's the name of the Tetris Blocks?
It has SOMETHING to do with the word. 
What was Mario's first job?
Hinted at in very early games. 
What the heck is a Sonic!?
Pac-Man's Wife?
You should get this one. 
Maximum Level in Pac-Man?
Speaking of Pac-Man 
What System did Mario first appear on?
Extra Hint: Reeaaaally old. 
It's a secret to whom?
A Winner is....
Name of that game with the biker?
Fly over the whole level!
I'm good at video games look at me 
Most Hazardous Enemy in Super Mario?
Game Over'd many, bathed in their red pixels. 
Name of the game of a historical event?
Health = Terrible, Pace = Pizza-Wanting 
Stretch your body to eat the fruit!
Unspeakable Old Game Console?
AKA Fountain of Memes 
Sequel to the Classic Mario Game?
Two different answers. 

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