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Can you name the Marvel Heroes and Villains by Secret Identity?

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Tony Stark
Danny Rand
Peter Parker
Matt Murdock
Marc Spector
Reed Richards
Ben Grimm
Steve Rogers
Bruce Banner
James 'Logan' Howlett
Hank McCoy
Scott Summers
Alexander Summers
Warren Worthington iii
Charles Xavier
Sam Alexander
Thor Odinson
Clint Barton
Curt Conners
Otto Octavius
Mac Gargan
Susan Storm
Carol Danvers
Peter Quill
Stephen Strange
Robert Reynolds
Piotr Rasputin
Wade Wilson
Wendell Vaughn
Jean Grey
Remy Lebeau
Wanda Maximoff
Pietro Maximoff
Mortimer Toynbee
Fred Dukes
Victor Creed
Janet van Dyne
Hank Pym
James Buchanan Barnes
Frank Castle
Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross
Johnny Blaze
Bobby Drake
Ooroo Munroe
Kitty Pryde
Loki Laufeyson
Norman Osborn
Flint Marko
Rick Jones
Samuel Sterns
Victor von Doom
George Tarleton
Jennifer Walters
Brock Rumlow
Sam Wilson
Natasha Romanoff
Betty Ross
James Rhodes
Eddie Brock
Felicia Hardy
Wilson Fisk
Quentin Beck
Ben Reilly
Max Dillon
Cletus Kassady
Sergei Kravinoff
Aleksei Sytsevich
Dmitri Smerdyakov
Nathanial Summers
Jessica Drew
Victor Shade
Norrin Radd
Eric Brooks
Johnny Storm
Lucas Bishop
James Jonathan Proudstar
Herman Schultz
Clarice Ferguson
Roberto 'Bobby' da Costa
Kurt Wagner
Morris Bench
Bentley Wittman
Mark Raxton
Ava Ayala
Arthur Sampson Douglas
Tyrone 'Ty' Johnson
Tandy Bowen
Blackagar Boltagon
Obadiah Stane
Max Eisenhardt
Ivan Vanko
Simon Walters
Tony Masters
Carl Lucas
Barbara 'Bobbi' Morse Barton
Raven Darkhölme

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