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What is found at the 5th intercostal space along the midclavicular line?
What can cause increased amplitude at the PMI?
Lateral displacement of the PMI is caused by (general term)
Ventricular contraction
Ventricular relaxation
What valve closes in sytole?
What valve closes in diastole?
Splitting of the diastolic sound reflects the closure of what additional valve?
What valve can be heard at the R 2nd ICS?
What valve can be heard at the L 2nd ICS?
What valve can be heard at the L 4th ICS?
What valve can be heard at the L 5th ICS in the MC line?
Distinguishable from heart sounds by their longer duration; due to turbulent blood flow within the heart
A murmur-­‐like sound of vascular rather than cardiac origin; generated by turbulent blood flow in vessels external to the heart.
Humming vibrations felt on the skin overlying an area of turbulent blood flow upon palpation of carotid; feels like the throat of a purring cat.
Upper limits of the JVP for normal
JVP above normal indicates
Heart murmur grade: Very faint; heard only after listener has “tuned in”; may not hear in all positions (usually only cardiologists can distinguish)
Heart murmur grade: Quiet, but heard immediately after putting stethoscope on chest
Heart murmur grade: Moderately loud
Heart murmur grade: Loud, with palpable thrill
Heart murmur grade: Very loud, with thrill; may be heard when stethoscope is partly off chest
Heart murmur grade: Very loud, with thrill; may be heard with the stethoscope entirely off chest
pansystolic murmur is
midsystolic murmur is
diastolic murmur is
Erb's point exam accentuates what kind of murmur?
Left decubitis position bell exam accentuates what kind of murmurs?
Diaphragm picks up high or low pitched sounds
Bell picks up high or low pitched sounds?
Order of abdomen exam
Span of liver at MC line
Span of liver at midsternal line
Rovsing's sign suggests
Rebound tenderness of the entire abdomen suggests
What muscle will be tender with appendicitis and what muscle movement will test for it
Murphy's sign suggests
Ascites is caused by elevated ______________ pressure and decreased _____________ pressure
At what angle do you measure the JVP
Carotid pulsation is _____________, JVP pulsation is _________________
What lymph nodes are on the medial surface of the arm 3 cm above the elbow?
What lymph nodes are palpated in the lower extremities?
What is the normal grade for pulses?
Deep veins carry what percentage of venous return?
Grading of edema is on a how many point scale?
Biceps deep tendon reflex tests what nerve roots
C6,7,8 nerve roots are for what muscle reflex?
Brachioradialis reflex tests what nerve roots?
Grip test tests what nerve roots?
Knee reflex tests what nerve roots?
Ankle reflex tests what nerve roots?
Muscle strength grading is on a ___ to ____ scale
Normal reflexes receive what grade?

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