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Can you name the missing words in Ludo's Good Will Hunting By Myself Rant?

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LyricMissing Word(s)Clue
Girl, I remember when we was sitting on your _____.1 word
Holding hands and ________ __________.2 words
But milkshakes melt... ______ ______.2 words
And you dumped me on my ________.1 word
Right after I bought you that really expensive thing from ___ ____ ____.3 words
Called ______ _____ _________ or something.3 words
That I sold ___ Cutco knives to afford, but hey, watever, it's cool.1 word (numbers)
I've moved on, you know. I'm happy now, well happy in a ______ ____ __ ___. 4 words
You know, curled up in the shower, biting your knees, _______ ___ ____ ____ kinda happy.4 words
But I realized ___ ____ _____, we were never meant to be. 3 words
And you know what? _____ ___!2 words
Cause you're the most _____ _____ ____ that I've ever met.3 words
Always making fun of my _______,1 word
Telling me how hot other ____ are,1 word
Asking me to pay you ___ _____?2 words
Buy your own gas you ___-____ _____! It's your car, and it costs more than my house!2 words
Oh, and now you're going around trying to _____ ____ __ _______?4 words
Hey good, that really makes you an ________ _________.2 words
No wait, did I say _________ _________? 2 words (same)
I meant ___-____ ______ ____.3 words
Listen you _______-___-_____, broke-ass,3 words
Goat-faced, oompa loompa ______-_______,2 words
I am proud to shop at ______! I'll wear warm-up pants any day of the week.1 word
Yes, your ass did look fat __ _____ _____.3 words
Your _____ a MILF.1 word
And I plan to get on your ______ ______ just as soon as I give her a call back.2 words
Oh, and you know what else? You can watch ____ ____ ______ by yourself!3 words

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