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Forced Order
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currentlyat present time
tarnishto make people think that someone or something is less good
operationa business or company involving many parts
reservationareas of land where native Americans (were forced to) live
accountableto be completely responsible for what they do and must be able to give a satisfactory reason for it
factorsone of several things that cause or influence something
corruptionillegal, bad or dishonest behavior, especially by people in position of power
honourto honour or keep a promise or agreement. In other words, to do what you said you would
self-sufficientable to provide everything you need, especially food, for yourself without the help of other people
nobilitythe quality of having fine personal qualities that people admire, such as courage, honesty and care for others
unemployment ratea measurment of the number of jobless people
heritagethe history, traditions and qualities that a country or society has had for many years and that are considered an important part of its character
poverty linethe official level of income that is necessary to be able to buy the basics
treatya written agreement between two or more countries formally approved and signed by their leaders

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