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ModelAn Isreali Model. Dated Leoardo Dicaprio in 2005. Stars in 'ELLE', 'MAXIM', and 'GQ'.
Actress/ModelStars in 'Iron Man 2' as Chess Roberts. Also stars in 'Newsroom' as Sloan.
ActressStars in 'Friends With Benefits' and the new movie 'Ted'.
SingerSings the hit singles 'Fireworks' and 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)'.
ActressStars in 'Tron: Legacy' and 'Year One' as the princess
ActressStars in 'The Hunger Games' and 'Winter's Bone'.
ActressStars in 'The Help', 'Easy A', 'Zombieland', and the new 'The Amazing Spider-Man'.
ActressStars in 'Transformers', 'Transformers: Revege of the Fallen', and 'Jennifer's Body'.
ActressStars in 'Rock of Ages' as Constance Sack and '27 Dresses' as Tess.
ActressStars in 'Friday Night Lights' as Tyra Collette and 'Legion' as Charlie.
Actress/ModelStars in 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' as Carly.
ActressStars in 'Underworld: Awakening' as Selene and 'Contraband' as Kate Farraday.
ActressStars in the TV show 'Gossip Girl' as Serena and 'The Town' as Krista
Actress/SingerStars in 'Glee' as Rachel Berry and 'New Year's Eve' as Elise
ActressStars in the 'Twilight' saga as Bella.
Actress/ModelStars in 'The Italian Job' as Stella and 'Hancock' as Mary.
ActressStars in 'The Avengers' as Black Widow and 'We Bought A Zoo' as Kelly.
ActressStars in '30 Rock' as Cerie and 'Sex Drive' as Ms. Tasty.
Actress/SingerStars in 'Zoey 101' as Lola and 'Victorious' as Tori Vega.
ActressStars in 'The Ghost Whisperer' as Melinda and in the new show 'The Client List' as Riley Parks.
ActressStars in the 'Harry Potter' saga as Hermione.
ActressStars in 'The Big Bang Theory' as Penny.
ActressStars in 'The Devil Wears Prada', 'Alice in Wonderland, 'Get Smart', and the new movie 'The Dark Knight Rises' as Catwoman.
Actress/SingerStars in 'Wizards of Waverly Place' as Alex Russo and 'Monte Carlo' as Grace Bennett
ModelAustralian Model who appeared in the 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 editions of the Swimsuit Issue in 'Sports Illutrated'
Actress/SingerSings hit songs 'Love Story', 'You Belong With Me', and 'Mean'.
Actress/SingerStars in 'Glee' as Santana Lopez.
ActressStars in 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' as Erin and 'The Illusionist' as Sophie.
Actress/Model/SingerStars in 'Hitch' as Sara Melas and 'Ghost Rider' as Roxanne Simpson.
ActressFrench actress starring in the twenty-third Bond film 'Skyfall' as Sévérine.
ModelSouth African Model who is the face of 'Victoria's Secret'.
SingerSings the hit songs 'What's My Name', 'Rude Boy', 'Pon De Replay', and 'SOS'.
ActressStars in 'Fantastic Four' as Sue Stom and 'The Love Guru' as Jane.
ActressCanadian Actress Starring in 'The Girl Next Door' as Danielle and 'House of Wax' as Carly Jones.
ActressAustralian Actress starring in 'Chuck' as Sarah Walker and 'Killer Elite' as Anne.
ActressStars in a lead role in 'Life', and the currently running show 'Fairly Legal.'
Actress/SingerSings the hit songs 'Love Don't Cost A Thing' and 'On The Floor. Also, the Judge on 'American Idol'.
Model/WrestlerAppears in 'WWE Superstars'. Also, ahs the nickname BARBIE.
ModelWas on the Cover of the 2012 'Sport's Illistrated: Swimsuit Edition' in 2012.
ModelAustralian Model who was the first ever Australian to participate with 'Victoria Secret'.
ActressStars in 'Yes Man' as Allison and 'Weeds's as Kat.
Actress/ModelOn the Cover of 'Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition' and starred in 'Just Go With It' as Palmer
Actress/ModelStars in the 'Twilight' saga as Alice Cullen.
ActressStars in 'No Strings Attached' as Lucy and 'What Happens In Vegas' as Tipper.
ActressStars in 'Avatar' as Neytiri and 'Star Trek' as Uhura.
Actress/ModelBrazillian Actress who stars in 'The Victoria's Secret Fashion' show multiple times.
Actress/Dancer/SingerStars in the recent 'Footloose' as Ariel and 'Rock of Ages' as Sherrie Christian.
ActressStars in 'Hairspray' as Amber, 'John Tucker Must Die' as Kate, and 'The Pacifier' as Zoe.
Actress/SingerStars in 'The Day After Tomorrow' as Laura Chapman and 'Mystic River' as Katie Markum.
ActressStars as Haley Dumphy in the hit show 'Modern Family'.
Actress/Model/WrestlerStarred in 'WWE Sunday Night Heat' as Super Stacy and guest starred in 'Men at Work' as Keri.
ActressBrazillian-American Actress who stars in 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning' as Chrissie and 'Fast Five' as Mia Toretto.
Actress/ModelStars in 'Zombieland' as 406 and 'Drive Angry' as Piper
Actress/SingerStars in the hit TV show 'Smash' as Karen Cartwright and 'The House Bunny' as Harmony.
Actress/SingerStars in 'Nancy Drew' as Nancy Drew, 'Aquamarine' as Claire, and 'Scream 4' as Jill Roberts.
ActressStars in 'The Blindside' as Collins Tuohy and 'Abduction' as Karen.
ComedianShe is best known for being a full time co-host of the YouTube news channel 'SourceFed'.
Model/Ring GirlShe is an 'Octogon Girl' for the UFC. She has modeled for 'Maxim' and 'Playboy',
Actress/SIngerStars in 'Sydney White' as Sydney White and 'Easy A' as Marianne.
SingerSings the hit song 'Hips Don't Lie'.
ActressStars in 'When In Rome' as Beth and 'Couples Retreat' as Cynthia.
Actress/SingerStars in the 'High School Musical' Saga as Gabriella.
ActressStars in 'Hydra' as Gwen Russell and as guest starred in 'Cold Case' as Vonda Martin.
Actress/WrestlerStars in 'One Tree Hill' as Jules and 'Fantastic Four' as Sexy Nurse.
ActressCanadian Actress who stars in 'How I Met Your Mother' as Robin and 'The Avengers' as Agent Maria Hill.
Soccer PlayerPlays for the USA Women's Soccer Team as a Forward.
ActressStars in 'No Ordinary Family' as Victoria Morrow and 'The Devil Wears Prada' as Jocelyn.
Actress/SingerStars in 'Hannah Montana' as the main character with a double life.
ComedianOnly guy on list; Has his own show 'The ______ Report
Actress/SingerStars in 'Hanna' as False Marissa and 'Downtown Abby' as Lady Mary Crawley.
Actress/ComedianStars in 'Modern Family' as Gloria and 'New Year's Eve' as Ava.
SingerCountry Singer who sings the hit song 'Best Day of Your Life'.
Actress/ComedianStars in 'No Strings Attached' as Joy and 'High Road' as Monica.
ActressBetter known as JWOOW on 'Jersey Shores'
ModelWas Miss Florida in 2008 and almost won the Miss USA pageant
ActressAustralian Actress who starred in 'I Am Number Four' as Number 6 and 'The Grudge 2' as Vanessa/
ActressStars in 'Mad Men' as Joan Holloway and 'Firefly' as Saffron.
ActressStars in 'Project X' as Kirby and 'Scar' as Olympia.
SingerSIngs the hit songs 'Starships', 'Super Bass', and 'Fly'.
ActressCanadian Actress who stars in 'Castle' as Kate Beckett and 'Quantum of Solace' as Corrine.
SocialiteSister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.
Actress/ModelWas in the magazine 'Elle' and 'Seventeen'.
ActressStars in 'Entourage' as Alex and 'Quarantine' as Sadie.
Actress/ModelStars in 'The Vampire Diaries' as Elena Gilbert and 'The Roommate' as Maria.
Animated ActressStars as the mother on 'Family Guy'.
Tennis PlayerDanish Tennis Player who is Number 1 on the WTA Tour.
Model/SingerThe Eldest daughter of Wayne Gretzky.
Actress/SingerStars in 'Final Destination 5' as Olivia Castle.
ModelSwimsuit model for the 2013 Ford Mustang.
ModelDaughter of Eddie Murphy.
ActressStars in 'Grimm' as Adalind Schade and 'General Hospital' as Nadine Crowell.
Killerwas accused of the murder of Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Umbria, Italy
Actress/DJStars in 'Think Like A Man' as Sonia and 'You Got Served' as La La.
ActressStars in 'She's the Man' as Monique and 'Ameerican Horror Story' as Young Moira.
Dancer/Model/WrestlerStars in 'WWE Smackdow' as a WWE Diva
Chef/ComedianCanadian Chef who stars in 'Bitchin' Kitchen'.
ActressStars in '2 Broke Girls' as Max Black and 'Thor' as Darcy Lewis.
Actress/SingerMexican Actress and Singer who participated in the group RBD which were nominated for the Latin Grammy.
ActressStars in 'Without A Trace' as Samantha Spade and 'Unforgettable' as Carrie Wells.
ModelThe first non-celeb on the cover of Maxim Magazine.

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