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Can you name the 4-letter words in this retelling of a classic pun?

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Clue4-Letter Word
*Contraction indicating a lack of ability*
A prop for one's leg
It's a big, Great dog
Frank Herbert's sci-fi series
*Adjust an instrument to the correct pitch*
A hollow cylinder
*The largest instrument in the brass family*
Castro's communist island
A number raised to the third power
To heal someone's disease
A fictional breed of bear with an iconic stare
Peel the skin off a fruit
People with this type of skin burn easily in the sun
The cloth spread over a coffin
A bucket
Without this, there's no gain
The first murderer, according to the Bible
*Actor Scott from 'Hawaii Five-0' and 'Ocean's 11'*
Actor Jackie best known for 'Rush Hour'
The cracking of one's lips
Clue4-Letter Word
Put your hands together, often as praise
The sound a horse's hooves make
A henhouse
The Fonz epitomized this trait
An idiot or simpleton
What you consume for sustenance
To have affection toward
Combined with Huy, the company that makes Sriracha
When plural, an instrument for picking things up
A type of oil also known as China wood oil
*Chicken of the sea*
In the Harry Potter series, Harry's friend Lovegood
You need a couple of these to breathe properly
A step on a ladder
The smallest of a group
Iron oxide
Need to do
Light spraying of liquid
Clenching your fingers into a group
*In the United Kingdom, it's popular with chips*

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