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English verbLatin Verb
I consult, consider, advise
I depart, leave
I surround
I write
I do, act, drive
I fall, perish
I trust, believe, have confidence (+dat.) (semi-dep.)
I deceive, cheat, escape one's notice
I desire, wish, want
I run
I take away, remove
I restore, give back
I turn
I commit, fight, begin (battle)
I lead, take, marry, consider
I decide, establish
I divide, separate
I touch
I hurt, injure, harm
I trust, rely upon (semi-deponent)
I cover, protect, hide
I demand, ask for
I advance, proceed
I send, throw, let go
I read, choose
I destroy, lose
I learn
I leave, leave behind, abandon
I push, drive, rout
English verbLatin Verb
I loose, pay
I despise, reject, scorn
I conquer, defeat, win, am victorious
I notice, observe
I fix, determine, decide, arrange
I yield, give up, go (in compounds)
I say, speak, tell
I hand over, entrust, hand down, surrender
I sing, sound, play (of trumpets etc.)
I rule, direct
I pour, shed, rout
I give back, restore, hand over, make
I carry, bear, convey
I betray, surrender
I understand, perceive, realise
I take, take up
I defend
I break, burst, break through
I pull, drag, draw
I add, join
I descend, come down
I hand over, entrust, permit, allow
I get up, stand up, rise
I force, compel, drive, assemble
I buy
I cultivate, worship, honour
I draw up, prepare, equip, supply
I found, establish, hide
I happen
English verbLatin Verb
I promise
I show, point out, indicate
I allow, permit
I join, unite, fasten
I resist, oppose (+dative)
I halt, stand, stand firm
I cease
I lose
I summon, send for
I neglect, disregard
I spare (+dat.)
I live, am alive, (+abl.) live on
I break, crush
I believe, trust, entrust (+dat.)
I see, perceive, decree
I eat, consume, spend
I search for, ask for, ask, inquire
I raise, lift up, remove, destroy
I burn, set on fire, inflame, rouse
I put, place, set up (camp)
I overwhelm, crush, weigh down
I climb
I hurry, march, contend, fight
I get to know, find out, learn
I seek, ask for, make for, attack
I bear, wear, wage war, manage
I dismiss, scatter

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