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Forced Order
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Shark Tank: The Low.... Best Product
Put out your left hand, stick out that right hand...We rock all night man, now do the ___________ __________ ___________
Name the guest contributors to the Low listserve
Criminal AKA Columnist
Milk of choice
The Alarm Code
Hit music station XXX.X
Dartboard Brand
Survey: Should Antonacci be allowed on our listserve (only answer one of the following)
Enter 'yes'
Enter 'no'
Holiday-Themed Romantic Comedy of Choice
Obviously the best junior
Moving into Pose's room
Funding the End of the Year White Tablecloth Event
Blumies salary equivalence in his birth city
Country Flag that the Living Room Wall Colors Produce
Where none of us are from
All Sushi Rolls are
Worst Decoration in the Common Room
BAC of the freshman
Billy May's Latest Product
Name the landlocked country
This star wouldn't get on the 'tell me more' duet
Name the five deutschbags in sports
1. golf
2. baseball
3. cycling
4. football (pro)
5. football (college)

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