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The plasma membrane exhibits ____ like all biological membranes
A phospholipid is ______, meaning it has a hydrophilic region and a hydrophobic region
Phospholipids form membranes by folding into ______
The arrangement of a membrane with a mosaic of proteins attached in the phospholipid
Membrane proteins, unlike proteins in the cytosol, are...
These hold membranes together
lipids and some proteins move _____, across the plane of the membrane
membranes remain fluid until...
Membrane traffic against the cell's gradient requires
Hydrophilic substances can pass through the lipid bilayer through this
The control of water balance
A transport protein that generates voltage across a membrane
A molecule that binds to the specific receptor site of another molecule
In _______, the transport of one solute can indirectly drive the transport of another solute
______ is the process by which cells release macromolecules through fusion of vesicles with the membrane
Diffusion of a substance across a membrane with no expended energy

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