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Foundation of organic chemistry (element)
Discovered by Wohler, after mixing ammonium ions with cyanate ion
Made by Herman Kolbe with inorganic substances
Organic chemistry helped make this shift
Why is carbon able to make large, complex molecules
Methane, ethane, ethene, propane, and benzene are all examples of...
Isomers that differ in arrangement of atoms are...
Isomers with same covalent bonds but have different spacial arrangements are...
Molecules that are mirror image sof each other are...
Pentane can exhibit this type of isomerism
In CH2Br2, if the Br are on the same side, then it is an example of ____ isomerism
The six functional groups all have this in common
The primary energy-transfering molecule in a cell (containing phosphate) is...
-OH or -HO is the strucutre of which functional group?
Acetic acid, or vinegar, contains this functional group:
The only one of the 6 functional groups that contains nitrogen
Only one of 6 functional groups that contains phosphorous
Thiols contain this functional group
Ketones and acetones contain this functional group
Functional group that acts as a base

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