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Multimedia is media that utilizes a combination of different content ______
Category of multimedia where there is no navigation control for viewer eg. Cinema presentation
Category of multimedia where content offers user interactivity eg. computer game
Category that allows interactivity via interaction with presenter or performer
Category that allows interactivity via navigation system
Form of media that includes auditory media and visual media (music, sound, voicve, text, graphics still/moving pictures)
Form of media that includes ASCII text, GKS graphics, PCM sound, JPEG image, NTSC TV signal)
Form of media that includes input (Keyboards, cameras, microphone) and output (paper, monitors speakers)
Form of media that refers to various physical means to store data (tapes, disks, paper)
Form of media that relays and receives multimedia information (cables, radio towers, satellites, internet)
Form of media that includes all media used to transport information (CD, DVD, USB, microfilms, floppy disk)
Category of presentations that includes visual (paper and monitors) and acoustic (stereophony, quadrophony)
Category of presentations that determines how info from various media is represented. (Text for presenting a sentence visually). Code and understanding is needed to interpret this
This category of media is composed of time independent information items. It is best processed as fast as possible
This categoy of media is time dependent and best processed with respect of time dependency
A multimedia system must be _____ _____
Multimedia systems are ______ : involving a minimal number of different devices
These systems must be able to handle both these types of media
Individual media must be ______
It must also be ______. A text with graphics is not multimedia
The giving end of a data stream is called this
The receiving end of a data stream is called this
This type of transmission may start at any instant (sending text)
This type of transmission requires a clocking signal (live TV)
This type of transmission is when the time interval separating any two transmission is equal to the unit interval or multiple of it
Continuous media consist of a time dependent sequence of individual information units called these
This describes a situation where a single image is not the only possible LDY in a motion video sequence but each scene and pixel are also LDUs
A sound with a recognizable periodicity is called this
A sound iwth a non recognizable peroidicity is called this
Is there sound in space?
These three behavioural properties make the design of surround sound possible
1/Frequency is called this
SI Unit for Frequency - #Periods/Second
This category of sound falls btwn 0 and 20Hz
20Hz to 20kHz
20kHz to 1GHz
1GHz to 10THz
Higher frequency has a _____ wavelength than lower frequency
Humans perceive this wave property as the loudness or volume of sound
This is the SI unit for the previous answer
This part of the ear helps to loace the source of the sound by relative intensity differences between both ears
This part transforms the sound into impulses to be sent to the brain
Is it easier to perceive midrange frequencies than very high and very low frequencies? Yes or no?
The process of generating a series of sampling values (samples) from measuing the waves of amplityde in regular time intervals is called this
The previous process is done by this.
Write the opposite conversion process (no brainer)
The sampling rate for CD quality in Hz
DVD quality sampling rate (Hz)
The bandwidth is determined by this component of an analog signal
Nyquist's theorem states that in order to contain all information of the original, the signal must be sampled at a rate that is ____ the highest significant signal frequency
Using the previous theorem an audio with bandwidth of 25Khz must be sampled a this rate to achieve good sound quality
This is the process that after sampling, sound signals are represented by one of a fixed number of values
Using bandwidth H, s seconds, and V discrete signal levels - write out the max data rate as specified by Nyquist's Theorem in bits/seconds
Thermal noise present is measured by a ratio of these
Specify the #bit quantization and sampling rate (Hz) for Voice quality
Do the same for Radio Quality
Do the same for CD quality
This sampling rate in Hz is popular in Telephones and UNIX
The standard MIDI File format has this extension
Human speech is most sensitive in this range (Hz): From 600Hz to ____Hz
The smallest addressable image is called ____
A set of these (previous answer) is called
Images need more _____ than graphics
Graphics need more ____ _____ than images
This specifies the distance between points in an image. It also represents accuracy of image.
GIF image format supports this # of colors
This image format is lossy and not well suited for line drawings.
This image format supports color, greyscale and palette-based images. It also supports transparency
This image format supports many colour levels including binary, grey, palettes, rgb and cmyk as well as many compression methods.
This uncompressed image format supports only RGB and is device independent. Header region contains no info about size and color depth and data region only contains values of each p
These types of pictures are produced in paris and give the illusion that when viewed by both eyes, they appear to exist in 3d space. This is done by shooting the same scene at slig
Computers display a images by using this type of display device that is composed of horizontal lines composed of pixels
This method reduces the seemingly infinite range of color values between two pixels. It is the process of placing two pixels of different colors to create the illusion that a 3rd c
Name one of the 3 aspects of video signal representation
This is the standard aspect ratio for standard TV image
This is the standard aspect ratio for HD TV image
The Kell factor indicates the loss of vertical resolution. Only ___% of vertical details are in a scan line
Continuous motion is perceived at what minimum frame rate (fps)
For motion to appear smooth, it must be at minimum this (fps)
Films at 24fps appear strange when large objects move ______ or _____ to the viewer
The standard rate for TV in Canada (NTSC) is about this amount in Hz
The European standard PAL uses this rate (Hz)
These are the two Noble gases found in Plasma displays
These two gases are then turned into a plasma that excites these cells with this substance to emit light
A refresh rate that is too low can cause this phenomenon to happen
A video signal is decomposed in to three sub signals. Only one of them is this signal
The other two signals are called this
In an RGB signal, the color white is produced when R+G+B = ___
Human vision is more sensitive to color than to brightness (Yes or No)
Given a YUV signal, which of the components is more serious and thus occupies a larger bandwidth: Luminance (Y), Color (U), or Color (V)
Luminance is composed of three channels R,G,B. What percentage of this is Red?
What percentage of the Y signal is Green?
What percentage of this signal is Blue?
The YUV signal is coded using this ratio of Y:U:V
The NTSC has a refresh rate of 29.97Hz and this many lines
SECAM and PAL European standards have a refresh rate of 25Hz and this many scanlines
Channels such as CBS, NBC, HBO, Showtime and Discovery HD use this resolution to broadcase because of the crisper picture produced particularly in non-moving shots.
Channels such as ABC, Fox, and ESPN use this resolution to shoot HD because if the smoother image produced in fast-action sports telecasts
In marketing this resolution is defined as 'True High-Definition' or 'Full High-Definition'
EDTV in NTSC standard is shot in this resolution
SDTV in NTSC standard is shot in this resolution
EDTV in PAL standard is shot in this resolution
SDTV in NTSC standard is shot in this resolution
Digitization in Video refers to sampling these levels in the picture
Quantization takes these levels and turns them into these
This type of coding consists of liminance and two separate chrominance signals. It features less cross-talk, more std, and less bandwidth).
This type of digitization coding consists of analog signal that includes vertical and horizontal synchronizing information. Luminance and chrominance are encoded together and only
Computer animations are done by taking drawings and digitizing them to create these types of frames used to store position
While linear interpolation 'lerping' creates only straight lines, this method uses curves to produce smoother transitions
This method of animation control is where the animator provides a description of all events like transformations and scalings
This method of animation control is where animation is determined by properties of different objects on the screen
This method of animation is determined by positions of different objects on the screen
This method of control is when movements are emulated using rotoscoping or using indicators on the body of the live character
This method of control is when physical dynamics determin movement (gravit, acceleration, inertia)

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