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Operator that concatenates 2 strings
Result of 50 * 'c'
Result of 50.'c'
Scalar variables in Perl start with this
Hash variables in Perl start with this
Array variables in Perl start with this
This symbol separates keys and values in a perl hash
Function that encloses a string in double quotes
Keyword that declares a variable private
This indicates the location of the Perl interpreter
This html tag fetches user entered information
Required attribute that defines where the data is sent when submit button is pushed
In an input tag, this will produce a simple textfield (type='___'
When type='password', This is the recommended method used
If the get method exceeds this many characters, the previous method must be used.
This attribute puts a default value in a text field or assigns a name to radio button or checkbox
This is the default font in a tag
Environment variables are stored in this hash
This environment variable contains the name and version of visitor's browser
This perl function gets a parameter from a form
String operation for equals
String operation for not equal
String opperation for greater or equal
String operator for less than
Perl's format for the 'else if' statement
Statement that is used for a false condition to simplify a program
Statement to loop through all elements in an array
Function that returns the local tiem of the hosting server
Function that returns the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
Function that adds an element to the start of the array with form ____(@array, $newelem)
Function that removes first element in an array
Function that removes last element in an array
Function that sorts an array in ASCII order
Keyword that creates a new subroutine
If the return statement is not specified in a subroutine, the subroutine will return the ____ line in the subroutine
If a subroutine is stored in an external file it must end in this:
Keyword that checks if a particular key in a has exists
Operator that is represented by this: =~ m/stringtofind/i
the 'i' in the previous question signifies that the search will NOT be __ _____
Operator that is represented by this: =~ m/oldstring/newstring/ig
the 'g' in the previous question signifies that the change will be _____
Write a regular expression that matches the sequence abc anywhere in a string m/string/ (you only need to enter the string)
Regular expression that matches abc at the start of the string
Regular expression that matches abc at end of the string
Reg exp that matches a followed by any number of bs followed by a c
Reg exp matches a followed by 2, 3 or 4 bs, then end with a c
Reg exp - 2 or more as, b then at least 1 or more cs
Reg exp - match Abc or abc
Reg exp - Any nonempty string of as bs and cs
Reg exp - any one of a b and c
Reg exp - any digit character
Keyword that sets an expiration date for a cookie
Keyword that limits a cookie to a domain
Keyword that limits a cookie to a directory
Keyword that limits a cookie to a directory
Keyword that allows the content of one document to be included in another
This parameter defines the previous file as relative to the document root
This keyword executes a program, script or shell command on a server
This parameter of the previous keyword specifies a server side command
This parameter specifies the path to a cgi script
This keyword displays the contents of an HTTP environment variable such as HTTP_ACCEPT
Keyword that configures the display formats for date, time, filesize and error message
Keyword that displays when the specified document was last modified
Keyword that diplays when the specified file's size
Keyord that outputs a list of all variables and their values including env variables and user defined ones. It has no attributes
Recommended chmod value for .htaccess file (usable by server, unable for browser to read it)
HTTP error code - OK
HTTP error code - bad request
HTTP error code - forbidden
HTTP error code - internal server error
HTTP error code - moved permanently
HTTP error code - moved temporarily
HTTP error code - authorization required
HTTP error code - not found
.htaccess keyword that allows entry from a particular domain/ip
.htaccess keyword that prevents access

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